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I was just wondering if any animal-people out there have any thoughts on dominance? Not so much the "Oh well I'm an Alpha" stuff, as (risking a debate) I don't think humans can be pigeon-holed into a category, there are too many variables, different social groups etc. I'm not just interested in wolf replies, anyone is welcome.

What I'm interested in is how others react to dominance; do you ever feel like you're more dominant but can't show it, because of peer pressure, job status and so on? How do you show it, is there any gesture or change in you that is more pronounced because of your therianthropy? And how do you feel about submission, which is something I feel doesn't get explored positively in modern culture. It isn't always a bad thing to be under someone, if they deserve to be on top.

If this is just the ramblings of a crazed wolf-girl, just say.

Just a hello

Hi, my name's Kallisto, I'm 19 and a wolf therian. While I've been officially "wolfy" for a few years now (I mean that I knew there was more to it than just being a strange teen), I only really found the "name for it" (i.e, conformation I didn't have schizophrenia and/or lycanthropy) a few months ago. Since then I've really been floating, with people's personal stories - beyond how they awakened - and essays being the most interesting to me.

I'm more interested in the psycological side of my therianthropy than the spiritual, and would love to talk more with anyone who shares this interest. I'm developing a theory involving animal instincts such as Dominance Issues and Predator and Prey instincts and how they effect and are seen in human behaviour, especially onstage with actors. Kinda my second love, hehe..

Intro, I suppose

I dislike making introductions, but I think it might be a bit rude of me not to say anything at all. So hello ...I guess you could call me Omni if it pleases you ...I'm involved in the transgender community, but not the therian community. This is the first time I've had anything to do with it at all, due to general shyness and inability to think of anything good to say. I'm an FtM, as many other therians seem to be. It is strange to me that these two groups would overlap in members as much as they do. I "awakened" roughly three years ago, but went into self denial up until now. I am a Greater kudu, and certainly not out of my horned closet. Nor do I think I will ever be. I will tell my girlfriend, certainly ...but people in general, no. I have breached the topic of therianthropy with her before, but never actually come out and said it. It took a while for her to get used to my transgenderism and all my other "weird" quirks. I'm going to give it some time before I finally tell her about my therianthropy.


Hello there! I'm Praetori, a cobra therian. I'm currently researching/soulsearching for the exact species, which at the moment is narrowed down to a monocled(Naja kaouthia) or a forest(naja melanoleuca)  cobra. I've been lurking on various therian communities for about three years, give or take, but just signed up to Werelist less than a month ago. I'm slowly expanding into other therian communities now that I've tested the waters and deemed them to be safe.

I'm a 18 yo. community college student in Columbus. I love music, movies, drawing, being surrounded by wildlife, and recently discovered my newest love, writing.

On a side note, I'm searching for other snake or reptile therians to talk with.
I debated between posting this here and on Animal Quills, but decided to stick it here since it's not actually a writing and just a thought.

I was looking through my old LJ entries and came across this little tidbit that I really liked:

"pure bird. essence of bird. extract of bird. all the inner mental workings and driving force of bird without the individual physical traits of bird."

So. I guess if you want to reply, it would be interesting to know how you view your animal self? To you, is therianthropy spiritual, or mental? Symbolic, archetypal? Do you just say, "Yeah, I am this animal, pick any individual of that species and that is what I am", or do you really identify with a physical look (what "you" look like as an animal, any specific markings or whatnot - not to be confused with a fursona/things you stick on when you draw yourself just for fun).

I dunno, I've just read about a lot of people's experiences and some people just say "I am _____", and some people say "I am a blue dragon with wings" or "I am a tiger with green stripes", and they just know that is what they would look like if they were that animal.

For me, it's just pick a crow, any crow, and that is what I look like.

I'm not sure how to tag this entry either... help?


Sorry, I felt lazy and copy/pasted this ridiculously long introduction. Basically though, I am a rabbit therian and have been part of the TFW community since it was VOEN (the former name of TFW) in 2004.

More information about me can be found on my profile. :3


mine hellos

hello everyone. My name is Mia, Im a Snow Leopard. Ive been a member of the therian community now for about a month or so (just found it after going through all the other communities eg. vamps, otherkin, etc). but as im sure some of you who have done the same, they just dont feel right.

as for other things,

I live in Northern Nevada, about an hour and a half from Reno. Im currently a college student at WNC and work as a computer tech.

if you have any more questions, just ask.

Ur.... Hiya?

Well, I'm Kryptic, and I've kinda been kicking around the interwebs for a while now, including animal quills, werelist, and other places, but I had never stumbled here until today. Keeping all the secrets from the short little corgi, ya'll should be ashamed.

Well, in short, I'm Kryptic, Cardigan Welsh Corgi : Or a dog, in short. Dog's never been the question for me, and the breed sort of found it's way in, because it's really so unique you can't really describe it. Who else around has body dysphoria because your limbs are waaay too long? Combine that with herding instinct, and radar-like phantom ears, (other things too) and that's where you find me.

I'm not GBLT, or anything else, actually, nor do I really consider myself to be 'a dog inside a person'. I'm just a dog-person, much like I'm an ADD-person, or a girl-person. It's just an integral part of my being. Not the entire thing, but a part of it.

But I'm just a strange little dog-thing, and I'm just here because I like these kind of communities! So, Hallo, all.

Gender and animal identity (WIP essay)

I've been Internetless for a few months so as I couldn't reply to Liesk's topic at the moment, I thought I'd write an essay on this offline and post it later, before putting it on my site.

Blah blah blah. Essay.Collapse )

(This is a draft; just tired of working on it, and I don't know when I'll connect again to post, so there.)


My Intro

Hello everyone, I'm Skye. I'm a red wolf/jaguar-thing. I'm lurking and occasionally interacting with the online therian community since I was about 13. I'm 19 now. Anyway, I've been on Werelist, the Awereness Forums, and a couple other places. My animalness seems to be rather fluid, sometimes going to an emphasis on one at one time of the year and changing at another. Add apparent totems coming in, and I get confused sometimes. *laughs*

As for non-therianthropy related stuff. I'm a college dropout living in Florida, after spending most of my life in New Jersey. I enjoy listening and playing music, drawing, debating stuff, gaming, and other stuff. Spiritually, I'm nearly an atheist. I don't believe much in religion anymore. All of it looks like a storybook to me. It's just those unexplained things that bug me.

Um, I think that's about it for now. If there's something I missed, please let me know. My memory's worse than a goldfish sometimes, I swear.